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Headache Chiropractic Treatment San Diego CA
At some point in life, you will probably suffer some type of headache. Most people with headaches reach for the OTC or prescription painkillers, but these don’t solve the underlying reason for the tension, migraine or cluster headaches-they just temporarily dampen pain signals to the brain. Worse still, these painkillers end up causing unwanted, unhealthy side effects without resulting in long-term pain relief. If you live with headaches in San Diego, chiropractor Dr. Herfindahl provides natural, effective treatment that can make them go away for good!

Where do Headaches Come From?

There are several different kinds of headaches and several root causes behind them. Getting real, lasting, drug-free pain relief hinges on receiving an accurate diagnosis that your chiropractor can provide with a thorough exam. The following three are the most common headache types:
  • Tension – The most common; causes dull, tight pain across the head; often stretches into the neck. Can stem from spinal misalignments due to injury, poor posture habits and stress.
  • Migraines – A neurological disorder that causes severe, throbbing, stabbing pain on one or both sides of the head, often accompanied by dizziness, nausea, extreme sensitivity to lights and sounds and pre-migraine symptoms called an “aura”.
  • Cluster – Rare, but horrifyingly painful, cluster headaches are usually centered behind one eye, and come in timed “clusters” often around seasonal changes.  They can disappear for years and resurface without warning.
With highly-skilled hands-on or instrument spinal adjustment techniques, spinal decompression, massage therapy, cold laser therapy and other physiotherapy modalities, our chiropractor and his team can help you! Call us in San Diego at 619-295-3885 for an appointment.

Chiropractic Care and Massage Helps End Headache Pain

Regular chiropractic care treats the root causes of headaches to stop the pain and prevent it from returning. Additional natural treatment options can also provide welcome relief:

  • Chiropractic Care – Our chiropractor can gently realign the neck vertebrae to release pinched nerves causing the headaches, often leading to immediate relief while preventing future attacks too.
  • Massage Therapy – Massage therapy helps chiropractic adjustments “hold”, reduces tension and stress, and releases pain-relieving endorphins into the system for overall relief.
  • Cold Laser Therapy – Cold laser therapy is also successful at relieving headaches, and our chiropractor offers this treatment option to many of our patients.

When to Seek Chiropractic Help:

  • You have several headaches per month and each lasts for several hours or days
  • Your headaches disrupt your home, work, or school life
  • You have nausea, vomiting, vision, or other sensory problems (such as numbness or tingling)
  • You have pain around the eye or ear
  • You have a severe headache with a stiff neck
  • You have a headache with confusion or loss of alertness
  • You have a headache with convulsions
  • You have a headache after a blow to the head
  • You used to be headache-free, but now have headaches a lot

Stop Headaches Naturally

If you suffer from any kind of headaches, schedule an appointment with your San Diego chiropractor, Dr. Herfindahl today and get lasting relief without drugs: (619) 295-3885. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for up to date info on chiropractic care and living a healthy life.

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I had headaches everyday until I saw Dr. H. I had headaches everyday. After school I had an immediate headache. My wrists and ankles were also very weak due to multiple breaks and sprains. I have been seeing Dr. Herfindahl for about three months, and I am now basically headache free. My wrists hardly hurt anymore. My ankles never bother me anymore. If you are in pain, there is a treatment out there that can help remove that pain. Why wait? No one likes to hurt. Dr. Herfindahl is a fantastic doctor. So if you are hunting like I was, your pain can go away in as little as a month, why not?

Headache Relief Patient, San Diego

When I first reached out to you in August 2016 I was a complete different person. I remember the constant battles I faced within myself, and all the pain I was constantly in. I remember my migraines hurt so badly I couldn’t sleep, and my back was so messed up I had completely given up hope of returning to the gym. I remember the pain was so bad in my right hip that I couldn’t carry my kids up the stairs anymore, but thanks to you and your amazing staff I now look at myself as a new person with a fresh start in life. Not only did you take all of my pain away with your treatments and adjustments, you have given me my self-confidence back and changed my views on life. I have so much energy now when I go to the gym, and I am back to running 15 miles a week which I never thought could be possible. I feel more confident as a person and make better eating and sleeping habits, and because of you I have the energy to play with my kids even after a long day at work. I could never thank you and your staff enough for giving me my life back, its crazy to say I look forward to my visits now because I know you were the start of the new me. Dr. Herfindahl, I really just want to say thank you for everything you have done in my life. It’s not just the adjustments or physical therapy; it’s the little things you do like coaching me in the middle of the office and showing me exercises to do in the gym. You and your staff do such an amazing job, and I could never thank you enough for everything you have done.

My recommendation to anybody seeking chiropractic care would be to see the staff here at Herfindahl Chiropractic, this team truly cares about you and will change your life forever.

-Blake Brown

“You have Given Me My Self-Confidence Back and Changed My Views on Life”

I first came to see Dr. Herfindahl years ago, for a work-related injury that caused pain in my sciatic nerve. The doctor set me up on a plan and I was experiencing relief in that area in no time. But there was another benefit I got out of it. For years, I had suffered with migraines, sometimes several per week. I noticed once I started getting regular adjustments, the migraines pretty much stopped! It was quite the unexpected bonus. Although it’s been a few years since I initially became a patient, I have kept coming about once a month for healthy upkeep and general well-being. I would highly recommend Dr. Herfindahl and have, to several friends. Everyone is always pleasant, warm, and welcoming and you truly feel like family when you’re there. They all care about the health and comfort of each patient. Thank you, Dr. Herfindahl and team! Sincerely,-Lauren Alegret-

“For Years, I Had Suffered With Migraines”