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Back Pain Relief with Your San Diego and Mission Valley Chiropractor

Back Pain Chiropractor San Diego CA

Back pain, particularly lower back pain, is one of the most common reasons people seek medical help-80% of people will experience it at some point in life. If you struggle with a persistent backache in San Diego and Mission Valley, come see chiropractor Dr. Herfindahl for treatment that brings lasting, effective relief from the underlying causes of back pain.

Chiropractic Care Resolves the Underlying Causes of Back Pain Naturally

There are many things that can hurt your upper or lower back. And although painkillers can mask symptoms temporarily, it is crucial to get treatment that addresses the underlying causes of your pain so that you can get lasting relief. Chiropractic care resolves the root causes of back pain, most of which can be categorized under the following umbrellas:
  • Incorrect posture – Slouching and hunching cause imbalances between vertebrae in the spine and its supporting soft tissues. Eventually, this can lead to pinched nerves and even bulging and herniated disc problems.
  • Poor ergonomics – Poor desk or workplace setup can exacerbate posture problems.
  • Injury – A car accident injury, work injury, personal injury or sports injury can jostle vertebrae out of place, pull muscles, tendons and ligaments and cause disc damage.
  • Stress and poor physical conditioning – Stress can stop us from taking good care of ourselves through proper nutrition, hydration and exercise; strong core abdominal, oblique and back muscles are essential to good posture.

Back Pain Solutions from Our San Diego Chiropractor

Chiropractor Dr. Herfindahl will thoroughly examine the root causes of your back pain and develop a chiropractic care plan to help you recover fully and naturally. Our multifaceted treatment options complement each other and accelerate healing:

  • Chiropractic Care – Using precise, gentle, hands-on and instrument spinal adjusting techniques, Dr. Herfindahl can correct postural misalignments (subluxations) to relieve pinched nerves and provide relief.
  • Massage Therapy – Soft tissues strains, sprains and stress respond very well to massage therapy; and massage also enhances the body’s ability to accept and benefit from chiropractic adjustments.
  • Spinal decompression – This revolutionary, non-surgical solution to back pain caused by bulging and herniated disc injury has kept many patients from needing back surgery while naturally healing and relieving severe backache conditions.

Dr. Herfindahl can also provide cold laser therapy, therapeutic exercise coaching and lifestyle advice to help you recover and prevent future bouts of back pain. Schedule an appointment with our chiropractor in San Diego today: (619) 295-3885.

Read Our Success Stories


I was seen by Liz, Dr H and Kyla. I was seen for serious lower back pains as an MRI revealed I had an L4-L5 herniated disc pushing on the L5 nerve root. The issue is MUCH better, working towards 100%. I would highly recommend Dr H and his staff to others. Very friendly, very helpful and eager to get good results for you as a patient. All therapies they provide are interesting and helpful in their own ways. I felt that with a massage at times it would help more so your body could fully relax. The DRX machine made a dramatic difference after a few months of treatment. This Dr. and his staff know their stuff! If you are having issues with your body and need a checkup, I would highly encourage a visit to the office so they can fix you up!

– Sincerely Mike Bravence

“I Would Highly Recommend Dr H.”

My name is Olimpia Valentin and I was involved in a head on car accident last August with my mom. At the time, my mom was already seeing Dr. Herfindahl to relieve her arm and back pain, but the accident aggravated her situation. As a result to the incident, I also started suffering from back and chest pain to the point that it was interfering with my daily activities such as work and dancing. At the beginning, I could not stand the chest pain and I had to stop working out, and even took time off from the dance team that I was part of. After every visit, my mom and I felt much better and we started seeing improvements after a few weeks. Now, I no longer have chest pain and I feel just like before the accident occurred. I will definitely recommend Dr. Herfindahl; he is a fantastic doctor and truly cares about his patients!

“I Was Suffering From Back And Chest Pain”!

I’d like to share my experience with Dr. Herfindahl. I was suffering from a severely herniated disk in my back. After many months of extreme pain, a cortisone shot reduced the pain to a manageable level but not to a level I could live with long term. I couldn’t tie my own shoes. I couldn’t sit or stand for very long. I tried physical therapy, stretching, acupuncture. My last resort before back surgery was decompression. I had heard it worked for some but to be honest, I was dubious. And the treatment is not inexpensive. I found Dr. H. on the Internet. He took the time to review my MRI and after testing me, told me plainly that my recovery would not be easy or quick given the size of the herniation. But it was this or surgery.

Six months or so later we’re still working on it, but I am much improved. I have no pain and much more mobility. I have (most of) my life back. I am so impressed by his patience, expertise and, most of all, his genuine concern for my recovery. This is how health providers are meant to be. He has prescribed an effective combination of decompression, cold laser and tense treatments in the office and taught me exercises to do on my own to maximize my recovery. Everything combined, with time, has delivered great improvement. His staff is also very caring and friendly.

If you have any doubts at all about the character or professional expertise of Dr. H. or his staff, please don’t have to: you’re in good hands. Having gone down the road with this treatment, let me assure you that you will not find anyone better. Good luck to you and I wish you a speedy recovery!

– David Brauner

“Let Me Assure You That You Will Not Find Anyone Better Than Dr. Herfindahl”

I have been seeing Dr. Herfindahl and his staff since October 2016. I started seeing Dr. Herfindahl after experiencing muscle cramps on my upper back and neck. I started to feel relief within a few days. In February, I was involved in a minor car accident that caused the muscle cramps and neck pain to come back. The chief complaints have been getting better and are almost completely resolved.

At the time I began to seek care in this office, I was also experiencing dizziness and headaches. I am no longer experiencing dizziness, headaches are rare, neck pain is occasional, and back pain has been resolved.

I would recommend Dr. Herfindahl’s team to others looking for a chiropractor in the area. The staff is caring and welcoming. They listen to their patient’s needs and address them in a timely manner. Dr. Herfindahl does an excellent job at explaining what is going on and the treatment plan. I also thought it was extremely helpful that x-rays were taken to know what was being treated. My overall experience at this office has been great. I would highly recommend this team for anyone’s Chiropractic needs.

– Crystal Barajas

“I started to feel relief within a few days.”

There are so many factors that come together in order to make or break a chiropractic experience. Level of professionalism, efficiency, attitude, value, the list goes on. I can honestly say, that there isn’t a single factor of my entire Herfindahl experience that hasn’t been above and beyond any and all my expectations!

Upon my first visit to see Dr. Herfindahl, I had never been to a chiropractor before, did not know what to expect, and was in a large amount of pain, due to a cervical spine injury sustained during a bad fall. I filled out detailed questionnaires, had a very thorough, professional assessment done, and immediately knew I was in the right hands. My injury was explained to me in detail, along with the entire mechanism of the spinal cord and the nervous system, my options listed, and a treatment plan suggested. I never felt like I was being conned into treatment that was unnecessary or overly expensive, and with every visit, I consistently began to feel better and better. Now, not only is my injury completely gone, I still come back regularly for adjustments, massages, exercise, and check ins, just to make sure I’m taking care of my spinal cord as best I can.

Dr. Herfindahl has changed my entire life – and that is not an understatement. Only now do I pay attention to how much pressure I put on my spine, how I sit, and what exercises I do. He has explained to me the importance of taking care of oneself, and there is no one else I will go see when I have any pain or discomfort in the future. I trust him fully to makes sure that the degeneration in my neck doesn’t progress any further, and I maintain a healthy spine!

Now this team would be incomplete without the fantastic ladies that make every visit so special. I have never met a more wonderful, genuine group of women who are so supportive, professional, sweet, and always make me laugh out loud. Liz and Heather stay on top of calls and scheduling and a million other things, all the while making sure that their clients are catered to on every level. Though the client appreciate month muffins may have made my jeans fit a little tighter, I have never been anywhere where I felt like I was truly cared for and looked after. Kyla may already be sick of me, as it is now impossible for me to go more than a couple of weeks without seeing her for one of her sensational massages. Her knowledge of the human body is impressive to say the least, and she always knows exactly where I need the most work. Not to mention she’s an absolute treat to spend 90 minutes with every week or two!

This entire practice is one of my favourite places in San Diego – and that’s saying a lot, considering I spent half my time there in severe pain before they fixed me! I’ve already sent three people their way, and I would never hesitate to refer anyone and everyone there for all their chiropractic needs. A true gem!!!

– Ola Zak

“Dr. Herfindahl has changed my entire life – and that is not an understatement.”

I saw Dr. Herfindahl for lower back and leg pain. After an exam, X-ray and MRI tests, I found out I had a herniated disc in my L4 – L5. I also had disc degeneration in other areas of my lumbar. The pain in my back and leg was causing weakness that prevented me from working full time. I began spinal decompression, cold laser treatments and chiropractic adjustments. After 4 months of treatments the pain in my back and legs were 90% better. I am now able to go back to work. I will continue to get Spinal Decompression treatments monthly to prevent it from coming back. I’ve recommended Dr. Herfindahl to so many of my friends and relatives. Everyone there was great and friendly. Good place to go if you’re suffering from any pain.

-Mark Rohr

“I am now able to go back to work.”

I found Dr. Herfindahl on the web and have been treated by him since July 2016.
When I first saw him I had neck, arm and lower back pain along with a hiatal hernia. I am improving everyday but I am definitely a work in progress.
I have recommended Dr. Herfindahl to family and they LOVE him. I will continue to recommend him to family and friends.
Thank you Dr. Herfindahl for giving me my life back! I am so blessed to have found you!

-Debbie Chrisope

“Thank you Dr. Herfindahl for giving me my life back!”

My name is Jeremy Fitzpatrick last year 2016 I hurt my back. I was referred to Dr. Herfindahl’s office by a close friend. I had never been to a chiropractor and heard some things about it being fake medicine. But my friend insisted I try it out, so I did. So I went down to Dr. Herfindahl’s office where I was greeted by some of the most outgoing happy staff on the planet. I met with Dr. Herfindahl, and was examined. He quickly came up with a plan to fix me up; he said 6 months to fix me up blah blah blah… Then gave me my first adjustment! And to my surprise I immediately felt the difference!!!!!

He also gave me some exercises to do in between visits; all of these things put together did the trick!! Not even half way through my months rehab and I was already back to full strength. I continued going and every time I go I swear I feel stronger then the last!!!

I would, and have recommended Dr. Herfindahl to everyone I know! Dr. Herfindahl and his office staff made all the difference! I AM HEALED!!!

-Jeremy Fitzpatrick-

“I would, and have recommended Dr. Herfindahl to everyone I know!”

I saw Dr. Herfindahl, he is an amazing Dr. that listens to your concerns and does his best to accommodate his patients. I came in because I had this non-stop pain in my back that I could not for the life of me stop. Upon the initial (intake) getting to know you visit, I found out that from a car accident that I had 7 years prior, I actually did have some whiplash! I never had any pain in my neck but the good Dr. showed me through x-rays, damage that occurred from that accident and how my body has compensated leading to my back pain.I still have some pain but it is nothing like what I felt the first day I came in, I continue to go to all my appointments and I follow my at home care that has been suggested to me.I will continue to tell all that are looking for a chiropractor about “MY” Dr. and the office. Liz and Heather are the friendliest and sweetest front office ladies “Ever”!I love my appointments because of the fun that I have when I get there and the feeling of relaxation when I leave. I rate this office on a scale of 1-10 a complete 50! -Telesa Hoagland-

"I Had This Non-Stop Pain in My Back That I Could Not For the Life of Me Stop"

For a long while before I had begun seeing Dr. Herfindahl, my mom had been bugging me to go see him. Saying that “He has helped her,” and that “I would be surprised.” I was slightly skeptical because nothing we had done had helped my lower back and no one we had seen seemed to be able to help me with it either. Finally I gave in and my mother scheduled me an appointment. The first day I went in I was under the impression that all the pain in my back was due to pulled and weak muscles. Dr. Herfindahl took an X-ray for me and quickly established that some of my vertibre were angled abnormally and were pushing up against the discs in my spine. Dr. Herfindahl found out more about my back in 30 minutes than numerous other people had found out in months. My mother scheduled me for three visits a week for four weeks and throughout these four weeks I felt my back progressively getting better. I finally began to be able to play soccer again. As each week passed I found that I could spend more and more time on the soccer field due to my back becoming progressively healthier. I would highly recommend Dr. Herfindahl to anyone who is in need of healing. Through Dr. Herfindal I have learned that many problems can be attributed to having a body that is out of alignment. Dr. Herfindahl has certainly helped me progress with healing my back and given me optimism for my future with soccer. One of the often overlooked aspects of medical facility’s is how the employees and environment make you feel. So often hospitals are filled with monotone receptionists suffering from extreme boredom, but not at Dr. Herfindahls office. His receptionists are always welcoming and responsive to all of his patients as they are helping prep them to see Dr. Herfindahl. Furthermore the office is filled with decorative furniture and stimulating decorations, such as his fun facts and inspirational quotes. Overall I am greatful for my mother pushing me to get healthier and referring me to Dr. Herfindahl. I am also extremely grateful for Dr. Herfindahl and all of his helpers for putting the time and energy into helping me get healthy again.

“Dr. Herfindahl found out more about my back in 30 minutes than numerous other people had found out in months”

I saw Dr. Herfindahl because I injured my lower back while exercising. The injury left me in a lot of pain that kept me from sleeping well and made it painful and very uncomfortable to work. Dr. Herfindahl’s therapy and adjustments not only relieved my pain and fixed my posture he also gave me tips and exercises (preventative measures) to help prevent any future injury. I would definitely recommend Dr. Herfindahl to anyone in need of a chiropractor, I have had a very positive experience with him and his staff.

-Many Thanks-

“Dr. Herfindahl Relieved my Pain and Fixed My Posture”

My first appointment with Dr. Ashley Herfindahl was on May 31st, 2017. I had lower back pain for almost a year. It was so bad while vacationing in Hawaii that I needed help to exit the plane. I also realized at that time that my posture was not erect –I was bent over at the waist. It made me look fifteen years older. My neck was also pretty stiff. Dr. Herfindahl did a very thorough examination which included x-rays. I learned that I had two compressed discs. Dr. Herfindahl started me on the DXR9000 for disc decompression. Almost overnight my posture improved allowing me to walk upright and I look fifteen years younger. I received adjustments twice a week. The lower back pain went away and I feel like a new person. I’m running again and started swinging my old golf clubs. The staff at Dr. Herfindahl’s office fabulous. They are very friendly and professional. I have referred many people to Dr. Herfindahl and I will continue letting others know of his great skills.

-Robert Hensley-

“Almost overnight my posture improved...”

As a senior I want to maintain a good quality of life and remain active. Three years ago, I had constant pain in my lower back. Movement had become an issue and I found myself exhausted from the pain. Medication and surgery were recommended, however I wanted to pursue an alternative. Dr. Herfindahl was recommended to me by another chiropractor. Following my initial screening, it was determined my lower back might benefit from being decompressed. A comprehensive was developed by Dr. H, his chiropractic assistants and me. We became a team and spent several months implementing the plan. I came several times a week; a 3-time week, a 2-time week, and a 1-time week for several months. I received a massage once a month at a very reasonable rate. In addition to the decompression protocol, I learned what exercises were needed to sustain the healing that was occurring, what benefits dietary changes and supplements would have, and how to carry and position my body when being upright and sleeping. LOL…straight back chairs, hinge bends, and body pillows to help me sleep on my back are my best friends. To maintain and sustain my good health I now come for adjustments twice a month.

Coming to Herfindahl Chiropractic is one of the best decisions I ever made! From the moment, I came through the door of this office, all my experiences have been joyous. Dr. H and all the chiropractic assistants and massage therapists have been and continue to be positive and helpful! I have learned how to take good care of myself and sustain my active life. Dr Herfindahl is, without a doubt, the best chiropractor I have ever connected with. I look forward to every appointment and recommend Herfindahl Chiropractic to family, friends and anyone who is wanting to obtain and sustain a healthy body and lifestyle.

-Nancy Spejcher-

“I Had Constant Pain in my Lower Back”

I started seeing Dr. Herfindahl about a 7 months ago. I had been in a car accident about a year prior and still had a lot of neck pain and loss of range of motion. I also wanted to improve my posture and get an assessment of what I needed to improve. Dr. Herfindahl came up with a plan for me and at the end of the program I have no more pain, and have an ideal posture. I am going to continue to do the things out of the office that Dr. Herfindahl has recommended to maintain the improvements I have made under his care. I went straight to Dr. Herfindahl’s office after another minor collision and he treated me and my mother that very day. I have and would recommend Dr Herfindahl to friends looking for a good chiropractor. The staff is great and always have smiles on their faces.

-Jason Feibish-

“I Had Constant Pain in my Lower Back”

I was referred from a colleague to Dr. Herfindahl. I walked in and was immediately impressed by his wonderful staff and Dr. Herfindahl’s attention to detail. I met with Dr. Herfindahl and did a thorough exam, x-rays, and flexibility test. My lower L4 and L5 where touching and caused shooting pains down my left leg. I injured my back while golfing and over extending myself. I heard from a friend who is a retired fire fighter, and he swore by the Spinal Decompression drx9000 machine. I decided to give it a shot. Prior to visiting Dr. Herfindahl, I went to a back specialist, and a San Diego Sports facility. Nothing was working and for 6 months I had pain and nothing was getting better. I started my chiropractic adjustments, cold laser therapy, and would go on the decompression machine 3 days a week for the first few months. I had good days, bad days, but with the little patients I have, things started getting better and better. After a few months, I still had some pain, but a lot less then when I started. Then after a few months, I started some exercises that Dr. Herfindahl recommended to strengthen my core, which had immediate impact on my back. I became more aware of what not to do and what to do. I am at about 90 percent better today which is getting better weekly. I highly recommend Dr. Herfindahl and his great staff. Always gracious, and willing to work around my chaotic schedule. -Andrew Mano-

“Spinal Decompression Helps Low Back Golf Injury”

Hi my name is Rick Patton, I am a geologist. I had low back pain and mid-back pain. The Issue is resolved. In addition, I have noticed I am sick a lot less, even with colds, since starting treatments. And if I do catch a cold, its duration is much shorter than before. Springtime allergies are completely gone as well. Would I recommend Dr. Herfindahl to others? I have done so, and just this weekend. I hope he drops in soon. -Rick Patton-

“I no longer have Mid-Back and Lower Back pain!”

My name is Adriana Dominguez. I had been suffering for Years from horrible back and shoulder pain. Pain that I had been managing with pills. I had been to see my primary care physician for her to only tell they figured it was arthritis at my young age of 31 and there was really nothing they could do for me besides give me pain meds for when I couldn’t tolerate it. Or cortisone shots. The Dr suggested I change jobs? Really? Like if it were an option to me. Both options weren’t an option. I tried physical therapy and the pain temporarily subsided. Pain obviously returned. I had forgotten what life was like without constant pain throughout my day. When I decided to try something else I searched Groupon for messages and Chiropractors to see if it would help. I came across Dr. Herfindahl. I purchased the deal on Groupon. Right away I was greeted by Liz. And I was blown away by the excellent customer service. I appreciate how easy every thing was made for me. From payments made easy to fit my budget to scheduling that was perfect for my busy on the go life. From first being skeptical of the process to now being a believer, I have been months without pain now since starting treatment. It’s a feeling that I hadn’t felt it years. No more throbbing in my back, no tense shoulder, no stiffness, no more days where the only relief was to lay flat on the floor. I feel great. It was almost hard to believe to be true since pain and meds had become the normal to me. Dr. Herfindahl has been a pleasure and I’m soo appreciative to him for helping me. I can gladly say that I am pain free. Thanks to everyone. My early mornings have been a pleasure. And I’m enjoying a life pain free…❤

-Adriana Dominguez-

“Dr. Herfindahl has been a pleasure and I'm soo appreciative to him for helping me.”

Prior to being treated at Herfindahl Chiropractic I was experiencing back pain to a degree that my sleep and walking were very negatively impacted.
After a substantial treatment plan as directed by Dr. Herfindahl I am now averaging normal amounts of sleep, I don’t feel like a zombie during the day and my mood is very greatly improved. Sleep is awesome if you can get enough of it! Getting normal levels of restful sleep has been a huge positive life change. Thank you Herfindahl Chiropractic.
As far as walking I’m enjoying it again. The joy of walking is a huge positive in my life. It is something that my wife and I enjoy together, and our dogs love it also. Getting my walking back has also been a huge positive life change. Thank you Herfindahl Chiropractic.
Prior to being treated at Herfindahl Chiropractic, I was waking up numerous times at night with pain in the lower back, mid-back and in the neck. Getting back to sleep was not easy and I was trying many things that were not working well to improve my sleep. I tried sleeping in a recliner, at different inflation levels on my airbed, with different angles on the adjustable bed and with different pillows. My average sleep was about five hours per night during a good week. The cumulative effect of sleep deprivation was impacting my energy levels and my mood. With respect to walking, I had been an avid runner for three decades but eventually had to change to walking after being rear ended in a car accident and injuring my spine. I had always liked walking our two dogs with my wife and we enjoyed long walks and all the associated health and sleep benefits of exercise. However, our walks were getting cancelled due to my back pain, or we were taking short walks and my wife was often walking on her own. When I did walk, I was enduring the walks rather than enjoying walking, the pain was just too strong. That was a big negative impact on my retired life!
All of that is in the past. With a weekly maintenance treatment at Herfindahl Chiropractic I’m experiencing the joy of enough restful sleep and walking with my wife an two dogs.

– Mike

“ The joy of walking and sleeping again”

In early November 2020 I went to Dr. Herfindahl so he could see me about some horrible pain that I had in my back. He saw me right away after I called, basically telling them it was an emergency. They told me to come in and I went into the examination room where he was very thorough. He asked me a lot of questions as well as doing movement tests to see what hurt. I was pleasantly surprised by that which made me feel more confident in my decision to come to his practice. I have a very physical job and I bend a lot so one day at work on a very busy week, I got this excruciating pain in my lower back. I couldn’t even move to the point that I left work early and had to see someone, I found really good reviews for this practice and decided to go there. My body feels great, I never feel any pain in my back most of the time. The doctor has me doing a lot more than just adjusting me and calling it a day. They looked at my body in a holistic way which helped me make some changes so I can improve my overall health. Following all the instructions that they gave me I have been feeling great since the first month. Better than I have felt in years! I have and would recommend Dr. Herfindahl to anyone who wants to regain their health and have back issues. This is a great place to be at and the attention is great. The doctor really cares about bringing your health to its optimal potential as well as trying to work with you to reach your goals. Ever since I arrived in the office the staff was amazing, making me feel comfortable and at home. I don’t feel like it is a task going there but I feel like it is a place that I want to keep going to. They are very genuine and have great energy and positivity.

– Cesar

“ My body feels great…better then I have felt then years”

I found Herfindahl Chiropractic via Groupon and came in early April of 2021. I was in constant pain, particularly in my lower back and hips due to my career in zookeeping, which I work in all sorts of terrain and can be labor intensive. My condition had only gotten worse over the years and after my first treatment and consult it was very evident that my body needed help. Since coming in for treatment by Dr. Herfindahl and team, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my wellbeing over the last year and have graduated to the Wellness group of clients. My spinal correction has improved out of the negative alignment! I was almost in tears when I saw my review radiographs. My pain and mobility have gotten much better, leading to better mental and physical health and allowing to continue to work with my passion for animals. The overall experience has been wonderful and the team here is awesome. I highly recommend everyone come in to Dr. Herfindahl’s office for a consult, I know I look forward to continuing my journey and improving my health with this fantastic team of experts.

– Leanne

“Constant pain, particularly in my lower back and hips”

I had been going to chiropractors for years for back pain. Most of the pain stemmed from sports injuries and car accidents. But now I was in the most back pain I had ever been in. I was experiencing pain radiating from my lower back down my right leg all the way down to my calf. I went to the doctor to get an MRI found out that I had three bulging disks. I even got Cortizone shots from my doctor and was told the best next alternative was going to go to a neurologist and be prepared to get back surgery. I wanted to do whatever possible not to have to get surgery so I began looking up other alternatives to surgery and found Dr. Herfindahl. I saw that Dr. Herfindahl treated patients with a DRX 900 spinal decompression machine as an alternative to surgery. I went two to three times a week for two months. It was a long process. After some sessions I felt great and others very sore. I’m happy to report these chiropractic sessions along with the exercises provided by Liz and his staff relieved all the pain. Liz and Gigi are always very welcoming and it shows that they truly care about their patients. I would definitely recommend Dr. Herfindahl to anyone experiencing back pain and especially those considering surgery. Thank you Herfindahl Chiropractic!


-Barry Varhola

“ I wanted to do whatever possible not to have to get surgery”

Twenty years ago, I hurt my lower back by lifting incorrectly (never do that again). The pain went away after a week but I felt something hanging on it. Recently I cannot sleep with my lower back against the bed. After Dr. Herfindahl treatment for 2 1/2 months my back felt lighter and can now sleep on my lower back. The treatment program includes adjustment, exercises and prevention and it was painless and gentle.

I would recommend Dr. Herfindahl for my family, friends, and whoever I know with back and neck problems. Dr Herfindahl knew what he doing and he cares and easy to work with.

– Lower Back Pain Relief, San Diego

“ I Hurt My Lower Back.”

My Previous career led to a horrible lower back injury that prevented me from doing even simple tasks such as putting on shoes. I was in constant pain and could barely take care of myself without the aids of a loved one.

I have learned to be conscious of the activities I do and how they may affect my body. The treatment I received allowed my body to heal itself through Dr. Herfindahl’s care and guidance. Not only has my back never felt better but I have more strength and energy.

The advice I would give to those that are considering chiropractic care is DO IT. You may discover that other ailments you once had may be alleviated due to the overall well being that chiropractic care can provide. I found that chiropractic care actually fixes ailments at the source rather than masking them with pain killers or other drugs

– Lower Back Pain Relief, San Diego

“ My previous career led to a horrible lower back injury.”

Prior to coming to Dr. Herfindahl’s office I was very skeptical to the relief I could receive from a chiropractor. I had been to multiple doctors in an attempt to relive my lower back pain which had taken over my active life. I could no longer participate in the simplest physical activities due to the pain in my lower back. However, after receiving multiple treatments my back pain was completely gone. I am still surprised that a few simple adjustments have restored my ability to engage in physical activity and erased all of my pain.

– Lower Back Pain Relief, San Diego

“I could no longer participate in the simplest physical activities.”

I Suffered from Sciatica and Spondylolisthesis Some years ago, I suffered from Sciatica and Spondylolisthesis. I contacted Dr. Herfindahl to seek treatment and he suggested that I was a candidate for the DRX 9000 decompression treatment. After 22 ongoing painless treatments, the Sciatica pain was gone and my lifestyle improved immensely. I still get treatments on a regular basis to address my issue of Spondylolisthesis. Before seeing Dr. Herfindahl, surgery was the plan of action. I had second thoughts about surgery, which was to be performed within a short period of time. Another option suggested was epidural spinal injections. I’m glad to say that both of the above listed options were not done. Dr. Ashley Herfindahl is the BEST!

Sciatica and Spondylolisthesis Relief, San Diego

In full transparency…I have to say, I was not a believer. Not in holistic medicine, not in alternative medicine and definitely not in chiropractic medicine. I believed if you were sick or injured you saw a doctor, a medical doctor.

And that’s exactly what I did.

About five years ago I was lifting weights, Romanian Deadlifts to be exact. I was well into my fitness journey and had hit a stride that gave me the confidence to lift heavier. That’s when it happened, I had thrown my back out. The pain was immediate and paralyzing. It had left my body in a state of unpredictable impairedness that lasted until March 2021.
It wasn’t until I had reached a point of frustration with traditional medicine that I realized I needed to try something- heck, anything that would give me my body back.

It wasn’t until my brother (Mike Bravence) recommended his “guy” to me. And that’s where you all come in!

Dr. Herfindahl and his entire team at Herfindahl Chiropractic have been instrumental not only in the rehab of my back, but to the overall wellness of my entire body. For so long I had accepted the truth that I may never feel strong enough to resume activities I loved.

I am happy to report that after a year of treatment, I can feel my body not hating me so much! From electric stimulation to traction therapy, that slipped disc pain is now managed to the point I started lifting again.

Thank you Dr. Herfindhal and staff for giving me by body back!

– Chris Bravence, a happy client

“I had thrown my back out. The pain was immediate and paralyzing.”

My experience with Dr. Herfindahl was amazing. I have had back pain for 3 yrs and I can say I have had the best improvements when I came here. Thanks to Dr. Herfindahl and the staff. I can walk better, I can sleep with no pain. I can even run now! When I first came in I had sever pain and trouble getting up in the mornings it was such a hassle.

Thank you again Dr. Herfindahl and all the staff!

-Herniated Disc Pain Relief

“I had Sever Lower Back Pain.”

Hi my name is Andrea Leonard, I am a College Volleyball Coach. I had Serious low back pain, legs giving out, inability to perform daily tasks, could not move well, exercise or even do daily movements I received DRX, Laser, Adjustments and exercises to strengthen.

My experience has been exceptional. I came into the office very much in pain and feeling hopeless. I was at the point of realizing the only thing left was surgery, until I spoke with Dr. Herfindahl and he assured me of the process and I trusted his expertise. I started a treatment right then, and even after the first visit felt some alleviation and hope for the process.

I went in with a very limited mobility and range, that was in January 2014, today I am jogging everyday, swimming, stand up paddle boarding and just bought a surfboard! I also am able to run my team’s practices with no pain and much better mobility. I no longer feel debilitated and have a sense of happiness and enthusiasm.

I appreciate and respect Dr. Herfindahl’s approach and care, I am back to enjoying everyday life!

– Andrea Leonard

“Decompression Helped Me with My Herniated Disc”