Automotive Accident Injury Myths & Facts

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Automotive Accident Injury Myths & Facts

San Diego Chiropractor Dr. Ashley Herfindahl discusses the most popular myths & facts that surrounds what happens after an auto accident is done, and the healing process begins. If you have been in a automobile accident recently & suffering from whiplash or neck pain, please call 619) 295-3885 for our Mission Valley Chiropractic office to schedule an appointment.

Auto Accidents; Myth or Fact: San Diego Chiropractor Dr. Herfindahl Explains

MYTH: The severity of the injury is directly related to the amount of damage done to the automobile. Therefore, if there is no damage to my vehicle, I must be fine.

FACT: Approximately 10% of the passengers involved in rear-end collisions will develop symptoms associated with whiplash (Chester 716). The amount of damage to your vehicle is not a reliable indicator of the severity of your injury. Believe it or not, “rear-end impacts of as little as 5 mph can give rise to significant symptoms” (Morris 20). The fact that there is no damage to your car, does not imply that no damage was done to your body. If you are feeling any symptoms such as disequilibrium, headaches, stiffness, malaise, or pain, it is imperative that you seek treatment for your injury regardless of whether or not your car has significant damage.

MYTH: If the other people in the vehicle were not injured, then I could not have been injured either.

FACT: Not every person is the same so it is illogical to assume that you cannot have been injured if everyone else in the vehicle is fine. Each person is affected by the force of the crash differently dependent upon several different considerations such as weight, position, and where the vehicle was impacted.

MYTH: The ER released me, so I must not have any injuries.

FACT: The hospital is trained to treat serious injuries which are visibly apparent using technology such as x rays and MRIs. This does not mean that the accident didn’t have a negative impact on your body. It is possible for you to receive a soft tissue injury which would not be obviously present on an x ray or an MRI.

MYTH: I’ve taken medications for my pain and/or had surgeries to resolve the issue but that didn’t work, so there is no solution. I must bear the pain.

FACT: At Herfindahl Chiropractic, we specialize in providing a personalized healing plan without the use of surgical procedures or medications. In addition to classic chiropractic techniques, we use innovative technology which has the power to provide you with the pain relief you’re seeking. Dr. Ashley Herfindahl also provides his clients with information regarding exercise and diet which can excel the healing process. Check out our Whiplash Treatment Testimonials to read some of our patient’s stories who have found relief from our chiropractic techniques after losing all hope of finding a solution for their pain.

MYTH: Bracing for impact increases the likelihood of receiving an injury.

FACT: Bracing for impact can actually be beneficial in avoiding serious injuries. If you know that you are going to be rear-ended there are a few things that you should do to help reduce your chances of getting seriously injured. If you have the time to react, you should shrug your shoulders, tilt your head slightly backwards, and place your palms flat against your steering wheel. Gripping the steering wheel during impact can cause more severe injuries. Although there is no way to ensure that you will not get hurt, this will likely reduce the amount of injury caused by the impact. For more safety tips, check out our Auto Safety link.

MYTH: I can’t get hurt. I drive an SUV

FACT: Just because you drive a large vehicle, does not mean that you are any more protected from injury during an accident than someone driving a compact vehicle. For more information on auto safety, please visit our Auto Safety link.