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Car Accident Injury Treatment from Your San Diego Chiropractor

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Thousands of San Diego drivers suffer the pain and injury that comes with car accidents every year. Whiplash, the most common auto accident injury, can develop after crashes at speeds as low as 5 mph. You may walk away from an accident thinking you weren’t injured, but pain from low-speed injuries sometimes doesn’t manifest for hours or even days afterward. By that time, the muscle, nerve, tendon, ligament and bone damage has actually worsened. Lasting healing and relief, even for a seemingly minor injury, depends on you getting a prompt examination from a car accident injury specialist like chiropractor Dr. Herfindahl.

Auto Accident and Whiplash Pain Relief Through Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is extremely effective for treating car accident injury pain because it goes straight to the source of the problem. In the case of whiplash, the sudden force and motion of the impact, combined with the weight of your head whipping back and forth, over-extends soft tissues and causes neck vertebrae to grate against nerves. Over the next few hours or days after the auto accident, you may notice symptoms like:

Even if you don’t immediately feel these symptoms, schedule an appointment with our chiropractor for a comprehensive, post-auto accident checkup so he can quickly treat any injury before it worsens.

Get Comprehensive Car Accident Injury Treatment in San Diego

Chiropractor Dr. Herfindahl provides excellent, holistic and effective car accident injury treatment for our San Diego neighbors. Depending on the extent of your injury, he may recommend treatment modalities such as:

  • Chiropractic care to correct spinal misalignments that occurred during the injury; this relieves pinched nerves and provides natural pain relief.
  • Massage therapy helps relax tight, strained muscles and other supporting soft tissues in the neck and elsewhere for natural pain relief and accelerated healing.
  • Spinal decompression is excellent for auto accident injuries that caused or exacerbated bulging or herniated discs. Over the course of several sessions, spinal decompression can restore proper disc hydration and shape, taking pressure off of nerves and providing long-term relief.

If you’ve been in an accident recently, or you’ve long suffered pain from a previous accident, please schedule an appointment to get relief with our auto injury specialist today: (619) 295-3885.

Read Our Success Stories

I went to Dr. Herfindahl for a number of physical issues. My body had experienced numerous traumas in its lifetime, from 2 severe car accidents to other accidents due to just being very physically active. During my review Dr. Herfindahl diagnosed me with a forward curvature in my neck and subluxations in my spine. I started treatment to correct these issues and can look ahead to being physically active as the years progress. It’s a challenge to overcome natural disintegration from severe bone breaks and tears of tendons and ligaments but Dr. Herfindahl has provided me with the optimal health my innate self can provide to overcome those obstacles. It took me 30 years to find the Chiropractor that I have found in Dr. Herfindahl and a privilege to refer to him as a friend. The staff lives and breaths the want to help people and the professional skills to provide just that.
Thank You Dr. Herfindahl and staff.

– Sincerely Heather

“ It took me 30 years to find the Chiropractor that I have found in Dr. Herfindahl”

Over 15 years ago I became a patient of Dr. Ashley when he was at his old north PB office by Gold’s Gym, and stayed on with him during his move to Mission Valley. Back then I was still feeling the effects of getting thrown off a horse and having my car rear-ended that had happened ten years beforehand. My MRI indicated bulges in two of my discs, as well as neck whiplash. I had sciatic nerve and lower back pain and discomfort. When I first saw Dr. Ashley for my condition, I immediately felt comfortable with him and knew that he really cared about my physical and emotional well-being. I had been to a few other chiropractors before, but he was the first one to be able to adjust my neck, enabling me to experience relief and increased mobility. He also gave me exercises to complete, and later on referred me to the personal trainer Noelle, who helped me with strength training and movement. After continued chiropractic care, Dr. Ashley recommended that I undergo a standing MRI in order to assess my progress. I was astounded when I learned that the new MRI results showed that I no longer had bulges in my discs. My chiropractic care could move into a period of maintenance and support rather than focusing solely on ‘healing’ my injuries. When I became pregnant with my first son more than 11 years ago, I was very worried about an increase in my pain and discomfort. I had heard many stories from pregnant friends whose physical ailments intensified, and some who endured lower back and hip pain for the first time. To my surprise, I learned Dr. Ashley can easily perform manipulations on pregnant women. I maintained my adjustments every two weeks before I delivered, and RARELY had any back or hip issues, or spike in my pain. Without being under Dr. Ashley’s care during that pregnancy and the following one, I truly believe that I would have experienced a lot more discomfort and pain. A true testament to my commitment to chiropractic care is that my sons, now ages 10 and 8, also receive chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Ashley. He assesses their needs and carefully adjusts them. If he determines that they do not require adjustments during their appointments, then he will not do any manipulations. Additionally, throughout the years, the office staff has become like family to me. They have gotten to know me and my children very well. The staff reminds me about appointments, and when I have a flare-up or require immediate attention, they ensure that I get seen by Dr. Ashley at his very earliest convenience. I feel grateful for everything that Dr. Ashley and his staff – Anna, Heather, Kyla and Liz – do for me and their other patients every month, and I am happy to refer my friends and family to them. Without their care, attention to detail and support, I know that my health and overall well-being would be very different than it is today. With much appreciation and gratitude to them, I write this story of success.

– Stacie Bresler-Reinstein

“I would rather have Dr. Herfindahl than a physician who only wants to numb my pain with prescription pills”

Originally, I saw Dr. Herfindahl two years ago for what I thought was a monthly tune-up. There were not any major problems. A tight neck or shoulders or back every so often. I am learning at age 73 to listen to my body and to follow the directions. What impressed me about Dr. Herfindahl was the way he educates the patient. It was my first time seeing not only various x-rays of my body but also having them explained in detail. Then Dr. Herfindahl took other tests of my bone structure, that gave me a print out, so that I could see what was happening in my body. The staff is professional, joyful, and express a sense of humor. A pleasant disposition is important for me to experience when I go to a doctor office. Now I share with whoever will listen. If you want an excellent education of “your” body, pay the $49 and wow! Then decide if you choose to continue with Dr. Herfindahl as your chiropractor. In Gratitude, – Merlene Bukovich

“Dr. Herfindahl is an excellent educator of “your” body”

I have been seeing Dr. Herfindahl since November 2021. I originally came in due to back pain that I had been experiencing for the past 4 years making it difficult for me to do all the things I loved and hard to keep up with my daughter.

I was making great strides in recovering but then I was involved in a car accident in January. Luckily, I saw Dr. Herfindahl the day after my accident which helped me recovery be a lot quicker. I was back to all my activities within two months! I know if I was not seeing Dr. Herfindahl I may still be feeling the effects of my accident.

I can now work out again without the worry of throwing my back out and I can keep up with my active daughter.

My fiancé now sees Dr. Herfindahl and I’m seeing great strides in his recovery for back issues as well.

I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a great chiropractor to come in and see Dr. Herfindahl. Plus, all the wonderful ladies who work with the Dr. are amazing and will make you feel like you’re part of the family on your first day.

– Nikki Hayden

“I originally came in due to back pain that I had been experiencing for the past 4 years”

I’m 61, and I consider myself to be quite healthy, with the exception of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Those conditions led to a total hip replacement in June. I was healing very well, until I was in a bad car accident in July, followed by hip dislocation in August (on the first day of school, right in front of my 34 6th graders!). Following the dislocation, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t work. I went to physical therapy on a regular basis, to no avail. The orthopedic surgeon was also unable to help me.I returned to work in September, but was in constant pain. Every step was excruciating, and I couldn’t walk without a cane.

My grandson, who is 13, and his other grandmother had been seeing Dr. Herfindahl on a regular basis, with amazing results. In desperation (I’ve always been a bit leery about chiropractors in general), I made an appointment.

What a shock that first appointment was! I couldn’t believe the kindness of the staff. The thoroughness of the exam, and the detailed questions I was asked by Dr. Herfindahl. He truly listened, took copious notes…he was like a detective determined to solve a puzzling mystery. I was so overwhelmed by this first visit that I found myself in tears on the way home. For the first time, I felt like there was hope.

I can truly say that, beginning with my first treatment, I noticed a marked improvement. It only lasted a few hours initially, but every visit provided more relief with longer lasting results. After 4-5 weeks, I stopped using the cane. And now – 3 1/2 months later, my hip feels strong and totally pain free! It’s amazing!

I plan to continue seeing Dr. Herfindahl to maintain this new level of health. I also plan to continue because I can’t imagine missing out on Liz’s upbeat, humorous enthusiasm, or Kyla’s amazing massages.

I am grateful, beyond words, for Dr. Herfindahl and his amazing staff.

-Lynne Baker

“After 4-5 weeks, I stopped using the cane”