Chiropractic Adjustments in San Diego CA

Chiropractic Adjustments for Pain and Injury Relief Treatment: What to Expect

San Diego chiropractor Dr. Ashley Herfindahl uses several chiropractic care techniques to help patients get relief from back and neck pain, injury and a host of other conditions. Ever wonder how chiropractic adjustments work, what benefits to expect, and how to prepare for treatment?

How Chiropractic Adjustments Work

The spinal cord travels from the brain through the spinal column, delivering messages to all areas of the body. Injury and/or poor posture can jostle vertebrae out of alignment, pinching nerves and causing pain or dysfunction. By correcting misalignments in the spine (subluxations), your chiropractor empowers your nervous system to heal and correct health problems. This is why chiropractic care and regular spinal adjustments are important. Our chiropractor is highly skilled with the following types of spinal adjustments:
  • Manual/Hands-On Adjustments – Dr. Herfindahl uses his hands to deliver quick, precise thrusts to correct spinal alignment.
  • Instrument Adjustments – The soft-tipped Arthostim adjusting instrument can be calibrated to deliver a precise, gentle, percussive impulse, in just the right direction, to correct vertebrae in the back or neck.
  • Table Drop – This special adjustment table drops a bit during manual adjustments to calibrate the amount of pressure the spine receives during adjustment.
  • Blocks – Dr. Herfindahl may use wedged blocks to assist in positioning the spine or pelvis correctly prior to adjusting.

Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt?

Rarely do chiropractic adjustments hurt-usually, they provide gradual to instant pain relief. Popping sounds during adjustments are pockets of gas released at the joint when vertebrae are repositioned.

The spine is intricately tied to muscles, tendons and ligaments that may need retraining, however. So, after adjustments, some soft tissue soreness may manifest. Massage therapy, ice and heat and other forms of physiotherapy provide relief from these temporary aches on the road to healing. Dr. Herfindahl often recommends pre-adjustment massage to help relax the spine so it readily adapts to correct posture.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

In addition to pain and injury relief, regular chiropractic care adjustments help you:
  • Sleep better
  • Feel more energetic
  • Experience better circulation
  • Increase range of motion
  • Improve overall posture
  • Energize your immune system
Regular chiropractic care can even stop and prevent pain and injury before you encounter it.

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