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Herfindahl Chiropractic, headed by Dr. Ashley J. Herfindahl, specializes in unique treatment solutions for patients suffering from extreme and unresponsive spine and nerve pain. Innovative new technologies have been successful in the hardest cases of herniated, bulging, protruding and degenerative discs, restoring patients to normal pain free functioning.

Utilizing non-surgical spinal decompression DRX 9000TM, cold laser therapy, Arthrostim instrument manipulation and a rehabilitation program, patients can find relief from their neck pain and back pain without medications, spinal steroid injections, or surgery. Surgery often times has to be repeated, but with this cutting-edge technology, patients can regenerate and heal without the complications and side effects of surgery. Best of all, it is completely pain free.

Dr. Ashley J. Herfindahl

Welcome to Our San Diego Chiropractic Office

“My inspiration and focus is treating the whole patient, changing their lives to not only be pain free, but rehabilitate the patient for effective long term recovery.”

Herfindahl Chiropractic is not a typical medical office. Dr. Herfindahl made a decision early on to be at the forefront of effective, leading edge technologies and impressive treatments for full patient success. These techniques include Gonstead, Diversified, Drop technique, Arthrostim instrumentation, Erchonia Cold Laser, DRX-9000 decompression, whole body vibration, electrical stimulation, nutrition, massage therapy, a strong rehab plan with corrective techniques based on functional movement tests, detoxification, core strengthening, clinical nutrition, and healthy lifestyle education. He also treats sport’s injuries and motor vehicle accident patients. The focus is not just on relieving pain, but rehabilitating a patient for total transformative permanent restorative change.

Dr. Herfindahl often gets referrals from hard to treat patient cases. Unlike other chiropractors, Dr. Herfindahl will refer patients for MRI’s in order to treat the most difficult and complicated cases. He has had success when others did not. The office is also fully equipped with an X-Ray lab for non-MRI scans.

Click here to learn more about our unique recovery medical innovations: the DRX-9000 decompression machine, Erchonia Cold Laser, and ArthroStim Instrument adjusting.

Come by the office and take a tour of our newly remolded office and talk to our patients, to see why your full recovery is in safe hands.

There is an innovative, hopeful alternative to surgery, and it is just a phone call away at (619) 295-3885.

Dr. Ashley Herfindahl


Dr. Herfindahl put himself through his undergraduate B.A. degree in Psychology and Biology as a lifeguard and swimming coach. After graduating from Concordia University College in Canada in 1996, he went on to Palmer College Chiropractic West, and received his doctorate in 1999. Playing on the college hockey team, he was initially inspired to be a professional sport’s injury doctor. However his desire to make a larger impact in people’s lives motivated him to change his coursework to become a chiropractic family practitioner. He saw early on that when a patient becomes pain free and rehabilitated, it not only changes the lives of a patient, but their family as well. This driving force to make a difference encouraged him to go on a chiropractic mission to El Salvador in 1998. There, he treated hundreds of patients daily who had no medical care or medication, changing their wellness lives.

Dr. Herfindahl has been practicing in San Diego since 2000 and has been in the same location since 2003.

Giving back to the community has always been important to the doctor. Besides Earth Day and yearly food drives, educating the public in health topics is his passion. He has participated in community outreach, offering educational seminars and guest speaking for San Diego County, San Diego Unified Teachers, San Diego Airport Authority, Double tree Inn and various other venues on topics ranging from nutrition, posture, ergonomics, stress reduction, neurological education, and sports injury prevention. Dr. Herfindahl believes that an important key to maintaining health is education, which is why he shares informative newsletters via online media.

The Dr. also belongs and participates with CCA, ‘California Chiropractic Association’ and CORE San Diego, ‘Chiropractors on the Road to Excellence’.

In 1998, he married his beautiful and intelligent wife, Anna. In 2008, the twins Christina and Jacob were born. The family also has a pet rabbit Spencer and Dog Rocco. He is a huge Edmonton Oiler’s hockey and San Diego Charger’s fan. An avid golf player, he also holds a golf injury treatment certification. Besides playing golf, he keeps himself in top shape working out at the YMCA.

Dr. Herfindahl’s motivation is to evolve with not only cutting edge healing technologies for his patients, but treating the whole person, from nutrition to rehabilitation. He believes that “treating patients is more than making them pain free, it is changing their lives and the lives of their loved ones”.

Jean Barrows

Massage Therapist


Hello my name is Jean Barrows, born and raised in San Diego. I have always loved connection, sharing authentic smiles, hugs, laughter and have felt a calling to heal others by natural methods. In 2014, I was guided to enroll in Mueller College in Mission Valley, CA. Originally, I wanted to deepen my relationship with yoga and myself. While there, I discovered a passion for learning the many arts of alternative healing. What started out as a fascination quickly became something deeper as I engrossed myself with a long list of classes and volunteering at the school. Thinking I might stop once the massage program was complete, I later decided to take it a step further and obtained my Holistic Health Practitioners Licenses (HHP).

I’ll never forget my first massage and the emotions it released. The therapist held space for me as I cried like a baby with grief over my grandmother’s passing. I realized then how important touch is to our survival, health, and healing. This awareness has been a huge part of the motivation for my personal journey in massage and holistic healing practices. I believe we are 100% responsible for our own health and healing. It is our natural inclination to seek balance or ‘homeostasis’. Emotions are an important part of who we are. They get suppressed by circumstance or an unwillingness to express them.

Once suppressed, unresolved emotions manifest as pain in the body. My role is to hold space for others to find their own balance. We often learn this pattern of suppressing our emotions in early childhood or the adolescent years. But regardless if your trauma stems from sexual assault, military service, emotional or physical abuse, we have the power to change and deal with our suppressed emotions. As someone who holds space for my clients, I respect that everyone is different and has their own boundaries.

I have learned that not everyone is comfortable with massage in the same way, and I encourage everyone to speak honestly about giving permission to receive massage or treatments in the way that makes them feel safe and comfortable. I am not simply a healer but also the holder of space. A space where you feel safe and allow your body to heal itself. My focus is to help you tune into and align with your body’s needs. In a session you can expect breathwork, open communication about your needs, safety, and confidentiality. My ultimate goal is to guide you along your own personal healing journey. Thank for taking the time to read and learn about who I am. I look forward to working with you.

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