I speak often of the mind body connection. Psychology studies was an early part of my educational background, and I learned early the importance of the mind, and how it affects health. Stress is a major contributor to illnesses in the body, and there is no more stressful time than the Christmas Season. Here are some tips on how to get through the season unscathed.

Wash your hands often and avoid touching your face. Many people travel and are under stress, which makes colds and flu flourish. Getting sick is the last thing you want, as it adds to stress in the mind and body.

Keep up with your regular chiropractic adjustments so that your spine is functioning at its optimal without subluxations. Make sure you schedule your adjustment appointment before leaving town. Whether you are in a car or on a plane, the last thing you want is to start your trip with an unaligned spine. This will help avoid back pain and injury as you travel, making your trip more enjoyable.

Prepare ahead of time by eating healthy before and during the time you’re traveling. If you start off the holiday with your body nutritionally happy, you can eat a few of those naughty foods without it causing health setbacks or leaving your body susceptible to illness.

Exercise before the holiday arrives. We all get busy during the holiday, but it is important to make the time to exercise. This will strengthen your body, relieve stress and make it easier to not gain holiday pounds.

Be organized and start shopping early. If this means buying online to avoid store chaos, then do it. Talk to family ahead of time to decide how to tackle Christmas. If it is easier to have a ‘one gift’ rule, or an elephant gift exchange, or give gifts that are under a price amount, than plan out those options. Remember that Christmas is about more than giving gifts. Some families make something for each other, or they decide to give gifts to the homeless instead. Focus on the least stressful options, and you will be grateful you did. Talk to your family to delegate various tasks like food preparation, wrapping presents and decorations. When everyone pitches in with a task, then it relieves stress for the whole family.

Take time to pamper yourself. Take a long warm bubble bath or have a relaxing massage. In fact, what better gift than to give a gift of massage. Next time you’re in the office, pick up a massage gift certificate for yourself or a loved one. More and more people are valuing ‘experience’ gifts rather than ‘thing’ gifts. They are definitely more memorable.

And lastly, don’t sweat the small stuff. If your favorite dish accidentally turned out awful or you got Uncle Bob’s sweater too small, or the lights on the Christmas tree shorted out…shrug it off. Being with loved ones is what matters most. It is all about perspective and valuing what is most important.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We at Herfindahl Chiropractic wish you the very best!

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