Some people never think about their backs, until they get an injury and experience pain. But when someone is in pain, their whole lives and all those around them are affected. How they work, how they enjoy life, rests on this very important aspect of their health. Back pain affects most of the population at least once during a person’s life. This is why prevention and post care can mean the difference between living a functional life and one with disability and pain.


There are many causes of back pain. It can come from poor posture that happens when hunched over for periods of time as in desk working, drooping the neck to view cell phones and tablets, misalignments in the spine (subluxations), lack of core strength from lack of exercise, poor or inflammatory diet, poor nutrition, driving for periods of time with slumped posture, physical stress from repetitive movement, not drinking enough water, osteoarthritis, being overweight, a poor mattress, emotional stress, organ problems, herniated discs and other spine diseases, and injuries from falls and accidents.

Prevention and Post Care:

Prevention and care after an injury or back pain is very similar, for the exception of rest. After a back pain episode, it is important to see your chiropractor. Your chiropractor Dr. Herfindahl can fix any subluxations or misalignments causes by poor posture, injuries, or strain.  Regular appointments with Dr. Herfindahl are integral to preventing future injuries. The following are other key prevention tips to keeping your back healthy and pain free.

Drink water. Seems simple, and yet not keeping discs, muscles and tissues hydrated, causes many back problems. Drinking coffee, alcohol and taking medications, dries out tissues and discs, leaving a foundation for pain and injury. Most people don’t even realize their water intake is not sufficient.

Fix Your Environment. Does your chair at work need replacing? Are you not getting up enough to circulate your blood? Are you straining too much hunched over or have repetitive movement? Do you need a new mattress and pillow? Does your car seat need support? Investigate your motor habits in your lifestyle to pin point what needs changing. If you are emotionally stressed, it may be time to change that part of your life as well.

Food and Nutrition. What we put in our body helps repair and lay the foundation for our body to work properly. Eating a lot of high inflammatory foods and drinks like coffee, alcohol, sugar, beef, glutens, additives, and dairy, will cause the body to be in a more acidic or inflammatory state. Eating veggies and fruit helps to calm the body and bring it to a more alkaline state. Making sure you have proper nutrients in your food is better than supplements, but supplements won’t hurt if you are not getting enough from your diet. Always chose organic food if you can. Your body can repair itself better when it has something to work with.

Build That Core. The core, which is located in your abdomen and hip area, is your foundation for which your body rests everything from the waist up. It is important to get spinal adjustments and build your core strength after an injury. Many back issues are related to this area not being strengthened. We live in a sedentary world, that allows this area to go weak. Building and maintaining your core, can help keep your back from having serious injuries. Because when the core is not strong, you lack the muscles needed to stabilize the spine and all the power then rests on the spine and not where it should be, your core muscles. Having subluxations and not building the core strains the bones and discs, making an injury just waiting to happen. Some great exercises Dr. Herfindahl patients do are Bridges and Planks. Ask Dr. Herfindahl to show you these and other core strengthening exercises on your next visit.

If you get your regular chiropractic adjustments and stay conscious of your back and what it needs, you can avoid future back problems and be independent of back pain!

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