Dads are the best. They are the power houses that help drive our world. This month we focus on men’s unique health issues, including some ideas for Father’s Day gifts.

Dads are our warriors. They work hard, many times doing physical labor that takes a heavy toll on their bodies. Many dads are also active in sports, which make injuries more common. Men in general, according to studies, are less likely to get help and attention when they are injured, which makes injuries last longer. With some preventive care, injuries can be avoided.

Adjust it. Have Dad get regular chiropractic treatments. Not only is it preventative, but if Dad has pain and injury, there are other treatments that can also be done in addition. Cold Laser therapy, massage therapy and decompression therapy fix health issues that Western medicine treat

Tape it up. Before heading out to Dad’s favorite sport, have him tape up his wrists and ankles with sports tape. This avoids twisting, which can cause injury.

Warm it up. Make sure Dad does some warm up stretching exercises. Getting the fascia (the thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing muscles) moving and limber is an important part of getting muscles to move in full range with support. Stiffness can pull on the muscles and tear the wrong way, making injuries more likely.

Water it. Dads have a lot on their mind and may forget to drink water. Water is one of the most important things a person can do to avoid injury and promote health. Proper hydration can keep nerves, muscles and tendons running smoothly. A great choice is alkaline water.

So what can we give Dad that is useful to let him know we care about him on Father’s Day? Here are some ideas:

Massage. Pamper your dad with our massage services. It is a perfect way to de-stress.

Chiropractic Adjustments- Buy Dad a gift certificate for a Spinal Exam, X-rays and Adjustment!

Mobile earpiece. Save your dad’s spine, shoulders and neck by getting him a cell phone earpiece.

Ergonomic chair. Whether it is the home office or work office, getting a proper chair that fits ergonomically to the spine will save him from back pain.

Modern mice. Old computer mice do a number on the wrists and shoulders. Updating Dad with a better mouse to work with will save him neck and back pain.

Green tea. Green tea has been touted as a great way to prevent degenerative spinal conditions and arthritis.

Supplements. Get Dad a basket of supplements to help treat and prevent illnesses and injuries. Ask Dr. Herfindahl what kind your Dad may specifically need.

Back pack. Using briefcases and a wallet in the back pocket shift the spine overtime, which causes back injuries. Getting an ergonomic back pack helps prevent this.

The perfect pillow. Getting Dad a posture correcting pillow, one that curves to his spine, will help him sleep well and avoid neck injuries. If he flies, getting him a wrap around neck pillow for the airplane is a great idea too. Ask Dr. Herfindahl what type of pillow he recommends.

New sneakers. Getting new sneakers with arch supports can make a world of difference for Dad’s spine.

Go to an event. Getting tickets to a sports event, comic event, music event, or whatever interest your dad enjoys, is a great way to have fun and help relax Dad.

De-stress him. Make dad some dinner, do a chore he normally does, get him some of his favorite music, spend some time out with nature with a hike or the beach, and/or get and watch a movie you know he will love. Taking some burden off of him, and showing you care, makes all his sacrifices and hard work worth it. Don’t forget to make or buy a card. Writing in your own words how much your dad means to you is a special gift he will always cherish.

Happy Father’s Day from all of us!