For the month of May and Mother’s Day, we celebrate women and women’s health. Women have unique health issues, and chiropractic is here to help solve these issues without harmful side effects.

Pregnancy for women is a beautiful blessing, but back issues can pose a challenging problem. Because pain medication cannot be used during pregnancy, women are using alternative treatments to eliminate back pain. Back pain during pregnancy is not just caused from extra weight and stress on the spine, it can also be caused by the baby’s head resting on a nerve.

Here is where chiropractic can help. Chiropractors that are trained in delicate and specific prenatal manipulation, like Dr. Herfindahl, can ease any stress and pain on the spinal cord, while also ensuring a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Chiropractic can actually make childbirth more comfortable and less painful. Chiropractic is even a solution to enable breech babies to move back into position. Chiropractic is also a safe alternative to headaches, where pain relievers are restricted during pregnancy. It truly is a gem of a solution to prenatal health dilemmas.

With that said, chiropractic is also extremely effective for migraines as well. Migraines can be so debilitating, that it can effect your ability to function. Every year more and more people succumb to health crisis’ and death from NSAIDs. It is an unfortunate gaining problem, causing internal bleeding and death. Take too many NSAIDs, and organs actually shut down. NSAID’s, like ibuprofen, aspirin, and Tylenol are over the counter, so people think they are safe, but unfortunately they are not. Chiropractic offers a safe solution, by addressing the nervous system weaknesses like pinched nerves and muscle contractions due to subluxations, easing the nervous system to function smoothly. Women get more migraines than men, and chiropractic is a safe fix for that hard to cure migraine and headache.

NSAIDs are also used to treat painful cramps during a woman’s menstrual cycle but there is a safer alternative.You guessed it. Yes chiropractic can even help treat cramps naturally. Spinal alignment and relief from subluxation and pinched nerves, helps the nervous system to properly function, relieving menstrual cramps and helping women’s reproductive system to work optimally. This is why pinched nerves and herniated discs can actually affect and disturb the reproductive, bladder, digestive system and legs.Problems in the nerves of the spine can even stop them from functioning. The spine plays a major role in these organs and processes to work optimally. This is why chiropractic is such a necessity in overall health.

To all mothers this Mother’s Day, may we take this opportunity to say thank you. Your contribution to nurturing and raising our world in monumental and profound. We care about you. Hope you all enjoy and cherish your Mother’s Day holiday.

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